A graphic designed to look like ripped/collaged photos with voting themes. Text reads: 2021 Local Elections Explainer.

What are local or municipal elections?

Every year is an election year! Even when there aren’t national or statewide elections, local elections are happening across the country. These elections determine local leaders and make decisions on issues that impact our communities — from school board members to funding for law…

When most people think about the legislative branch of government, they think about the U.S. Congress. But all 50 states have their own.

50 States, 50 State Legislatures

All 50 states have their own mini version of federal executive, legislative, and judicial bodies. Instead of a president, states have governors…

On August 28th, Rock the Vote will celebrate the anniversary of the March on Washington

What was the March on Washington?

On August 28th, 1963, leaders of the civil rights movement organized the March on Washington to protest the ongoing inequalities experienced by Black Americans. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr…

In Selma, Alabama in 1965, civil rights activists were brutally beaten by police officers while they marched peacefully from Selma to Montgomery in protest against the racist voter suppression perpetuated by the state of Alabama and beyond. The state troopers’ violent assault on the Black activists shocked the nation and…

Rock the Vote

Building political power for young voters

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