• Gina Thinks

    Gina Thinks

    Please proceed

  • Ògúntúndé


    born of the lefteye of the Most High, that makes blood red, the force to move, to make, to provide, to protect, to strive, to stay strong, to endure, to evolve

  • American Women

    American Women

    A new organization affiliated with @emilyslist aiming to amplify the voices of women across the country

  • Valerie LC Brown

    Valerie LC Brown

    Senior Health Physicist, CAPS Supervisor Director, amateur birder, lover of animals and nature, political junkie, progressive free thinker, proud mother & wife

  • Kellie Lynn Collins

    Kellie Lynn Collins

    Running as a Democratic candidate for the US House Rep seat for the residents of District 10 in GA for 2018 midterm. Please help me fight for equality for all!

  • Kara Jackson

    Kara Jackson

    I’m Kara I love to read books, watch T.V. dance, listen to music. Some of my favorite artist are Janet, TLC, Mariah, Michael, Whitney, Selena&many other artist

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