Rock the Vote Responds to 2016 Presidential Election Results

Rock the Vote
2 min readNov 9, 2016

WASHINGTON — Rock the Vote President Carolyn DeWitt issued the following statement in response to the results of the 2016 presidential election:

“This is a jarring day for Millennial voters, who voted overwhelmingly for Secretary Clinton and for progressive candidates down the ticket. Too many of us navigated archaic and confusing election laws, direct and indirect voter suppression, significantly under-resourced election systems and our own frustration with the state of the race — and politics overall. But what remains true, if you back up far enough to see the full picture, is that our country has been moving steadily in a progressive direction — led largely by diverse and tolerant Millennials across the country — on issues of marriage equality, criminal justice, economic opportunity and environmental protection.

“What we are witnessing now appears to be a powerful ­flash of frustration and resistance from an America that Millennials don’t recognize. Unfortunately, they have chosen a truly unique vessel and an historic moment to reassert themselves in the face of a rapidly changing country.

“At Rock the Vote, we woke up this morning with full hearts and piercing focus, not just on the next national election in two short years, but on putting the needs of young people, people of color and others feeling under siege, front and center for our new president and the 115th Congress. We will be getting up an hour earlier each day to urge investment in the tools, technology and content our country needs to mobilize the largest, most diverse generation of voters in American history. And we will recommit making our generation the most powerful force for political, cultural, social and economic progress this country has ever seen.

“This is a moment for dignity and reflection, but also a renewed fire in the pits of our stomachs as we refuse to let young voters and the future leaders of this country step away from the process. It is a moment to dig in with full hearts, to set in for a battle on the issues we hold most dear and to begin working immediately to ensure every young person in this country recognizes that they are the key to future elections and the antidote to whatever fear, hatred and intolerance may lie ahead.

“We represent the most powerful voting bloc in our nation’s history. It’s time we take the reins into our able hands and show the rest of the country what the future really looks like. What a great America really looks like.

“We call on all young people to join us as we plan and prepare for what is next. We call on our leaders — current and future — to work on creating a more inclusive country that is just and fair for all and reflective of the values of the largest generation in our country’s history. Leaders who ignore this generation will do so at their own peril. We will remember.”